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ezbiz™center.com — Marketing tools and the knowledge to use them effectively

Communicate with prospects, customers, employees, members, investors, donors and suppliers - anyone you want to reach. Quickly create and manage Blogs, Newsletters and Web pages. Send Surveys, Email campaigns and Publicity Releases. Every tool works the same way - the common interface is easy-to-use and produces results that empower you to communicate your message effectively.  

Keep track of all your contacts with the Contact Management system included with your account. All the information about a contact appears on one screen. You have full control over your relationship with each person. Rank them; sort them; plan phone calls, meetings, tasks and write memos. Add contacts to lists you organize for whatever purpose. Keep separate notes for each contact. Use lists to send Email or other Marketing tools - or to manage your daily cold-calling activities.

ezbiz™center.com includes learning aids, tutorials and "how-to" guidance so even newbies can develop integrated marketing campaigns to achieve desired results.

Your business or organization can have multiple users. You manage permissions and control what each person can do.

Here is what is included with your account:

  • A fully integrated set of Web-based Marketing tools - always the most current release
  • The ability to create Blogs, Newsletters, Web pages
  • Send email, Surveys, Publicity Releases quickly and easily
  • Reports and tools for Management and planning
  • Data storage and backup
  • Contact Manager to control relationships with anyone and everyone
  • Multiple Users where you control access and permissions
  • Community and Forums
  • Learning aids and training
  • Help Desk

ezbiz™center.com is the creation of experienced business executives and professors at leading universities. The goal is to empower anyone who wants to grow their business or organization to communicate and manage relationships at an affordable price.

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