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EZBiz Center is a one-stop solution for all your business marketing needs. We offer a robust web-based set of marketing tools using one easy to use interface. We provide small to medium-sized businesses an affordable and easy to use marketing program. We’ve combined eight powerful marketing tools to help you on your journey. You don’t have to go to different places to find these tools; we did all the work for you. Members of our services have access to our: Contact Manger, Blogs, Email, Database Utilities, Newsletters, Surveys, Press Releases, and Websites. For more information about each of our service click learn about.

Marketing your business becomes easier with EZBiz Center. Need to a place to store all your contact information? Use our Contact Manger. How about marketing your business? We provide the ability to send out Emails, Newsletters, Press Releases, and even create your own Website. You can also track customer traffic to your website using our Database Utilities. Want to get more personal with your customers? We also offer our Blog services for a unique touch.
To help businesses get started we also offer members access to a large publicity press list, where you can send company information and press releases to top tier media, and get widespread exposure and help promote your business more effectively.
At EZBiz we are dedicated to helping you maximize your results. For each of our services we provide you with detailed Step-by-Step instructions, Tips, FAQs, Marketing Lessons, and Tutorials. We outline the best practices, and we also offer real examples on how to use these services.
If you feel that your business needs a custom level of support, we can provide that also, through the help of one of our EZBiz Certified Representatives. They can create a custom marketing strategy to fit your business needs. Each of our certified representatives is put through intensive training and certification. (Contact us to learn about opportunities to become an EZBiz Certified Representatives.)

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